Dedicated Handicapped Street Parking Locations

Thanks to Richard Freese, in response to my direct request to him after a city council meeting in June, he provided much needed documentation of dedicated handicapped parking in Rochester, MN.

I had asked for this before from many people, but apparently the way it got done was to ask Richard for it. We will miss his corporate body of knowledge with his July 11th, 2018, retirement.

Please note, that though I had downgraded my request several times to just being. “please give me a list of dedicated handicapped parking spots” on city streets, he gave me what I really wanted and asked for from the outset: a link to the information on the Rochester City web site.

The staff did even better than I expected, providing satellite images showing the details; you can see the stripes if you look for them, but no need since the dedicated handicapped parking spots are indicated by pale blue with a red line outline (see the graphic key). The spots themselves have the letters “HC” on them.

Because I really wanted to know how many dedicated handicapped street parking spots there were in the city, I did a word search on the downloaded document from the link. The code HC appears 81 times. I have not verified if HC only appears on actual parking spots or in text somewhere as well. I hope it is only on the spots themselves because that would be a great dual purpose functionality for the code of HC to provide an automated count of the dedicated handicapped parking spots. Using “disability parking spots” as the term in the key instead of HC prevents confounding the ease of obtaining a count automatically.

The following link maps all of meters including on-street HC spaces. It does not include the ramps or private spaces. 

Then click on Downtown Metered Parking Map.  Next select a block and scroll to see handicap parking spaces. 

The count of the number of spots in the ramps and parking lots was also included in an email to me. It might be listed on the City site too, I haven’t checked it out completely yet.



1st Street Ramp


2nd Street Ramp


3rd Street Ramp


Armory Lot


Center Street Ramp


Civic Center North Lot


Civic Center Ramp


Civic Center South Lot


Mayo Ballfield


Power Plant Lot


Zumbro Market Lot


NOTE: Under State law persons with a State issued disability plate or placard can park at any meter without payment. They can park in the ramps with a 50% discount.





History Forgotten but it Really Happened

I asked a group of people recently if they remembered when Nixon implemented price freezes and was shocked when no one seemed to remember. Maybe I am older than the people in the room were, but I thought I’d check my memory. Sure enough, President Richard Nixon did order a variety of freezes in 1971 “to cut inflation” was why he did it according to something else I read.

This came to my mind while discussing rent control or rent stabilization laws. Note, Minnesota State law preemptively precludes rent control or stabilization — for now. This is an issue that needs to be reconsidered since it, in effect, holds tenants hostage, some might say, by — in effect, extortion — since the cost and hassle of having to move, combined with the lack of availability of rental units, and the general price fixing known by some as “The Invisible Hand” of the marketplace, conspire to make tenants resigned to endless rent increases because all rental housing is unregulated and inherently exploitive of tenants at many levels.

Search for the phrasing shown in the two screen shots of the text below:

Nixon rent freeze 1971



Data Practices Information Sheet

Here is a copy of a helpful document from the Minnesota Data Practices department.Sorry it is hard to read. the original had a 10% gray background with a 20% gray text. Apple does pale gray on paler gray as well. Someone must think it is chic and cares about style over function: black text on white paper is easier to read.

Minnesota (MN) data practices department information sheet




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