Hardin new library delivery signs tow away zone 5-7-2019Leadership of Rochester, MN, continues to ignore all requests for the ADA law requirements to be honored and implemented in all things related to city government.

PLEASE PHONE AND EMAIL YOUR COUNCIL MEMBERS / MAYOR and demand the return of the dedicated handicapped parking in front of the ROCHESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY on 2St. SE. 

I have been advocating for accessibility in all aspects of life here in Rochester when living with disabilities. Alas, I have been ignored, dismissed, and disregarded while the ALL ABLE-BODIED MEN in charge proceed to do whatever they damn well please.

Recently, the unacceptable illegal elimination of the two dedicated — wheelchair accessible — handicapped parking in from the Rochester Public Library proceeded despite my increasingly distressed protests that the City COULD NOT LEGALLY ELIMINATE THE DEDICATED HANDICAPPED PARKING and the other three spaces, in front of the Public Library because of construction.

This is flat out illegal.

In April, I provide copies of the law to various council members and the new mayor in an effort to forestall this intention to utterly disregard the ADA law and proceed to eliminate all #ACCESSIBILITY to the public library.

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Dedicated Handicapped Street Parking Locations

Thanks to Richard Freese, in response to my direct request to him after a city council meeting in June, he provided much needed documentation of dedicated handicapped parking in Rochester, MN.

The following link maps all of meters including on-street HC spaces. It does not include the ramps or private spaces. 

Then click on Downtown Metered Parking Map.  Next select a block and scroll to see handicap parking spaces. 

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History Forgotten but it Really Happened

I asked a group of people recently if they remembered when Nixon implemented price freezes and was shocked when no one seemed to remember. Maybe I am older than the people in the room were, but I thought I’d check my memory. Sure enough, President Richard Nixon did order a variety of freezes in 1971 “to cut inflation” was why he did it according to something else I read.

This came to my mind while discussing rent control or rent stabilization laws. Note, Minnesota State law preemptively precludes rent control or stabilization — for now. This is an issue that needs to be reconsidered since it, in effect, holds tenants hostage, some might say, by — in effect, extortion — since the cost and hassle of having to move, combined with the lack of availability of rental units, and the general price fixing known by some as “The Invisible Hand” of the marketplace, conspire to make tenants resigned to endless rent increases because all rental housing is unregulated and inherently exploitive of tenants at many levels.

Search for the phrasing shown in the two screen shots of the text below:

Nixon rent freeze 1971



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