Olmstead Act Implementation in Minnesota

There is a deadline for comments on the Olmstead (yes this is the correct spelling) Act implementation. The Olmstead Act allows people with disabilities to live in the community rather than be institutionalized.

Note the data below is an image so the links are not live.

Minnesota Implementation of the Olmstead Act for People with Disabilities



Data Practices Information Sheet

Here is a copy of a helpful document from the Minnesota Data Practices department.Sorry it is hard to read. the original had a 10% gray background with a 20% gray text. Apple does pale gray on paler gray as well. Someone must think it is chic and cares about style over function: black text on white paper is easier to read.

Minnesota (MN) data practices department information sheet




MN Housing Task Force Web Site and Links

While I was looking for something else, I found the website for the Minnesota (MN) Housing Task Force created by Governor Dayton.
The straight text for the URL is: https://www.mnhousingtaskforce.com

One link on the site is to a PBS program:
Sold Out: Affordable Housing at Risk

I have not watched it yet since I am going to add many more links to articles from the site that I have scanned briefly and that look to be excellent compilations to gather together so we all don’t start from scratch every meeting resisting the problems and resources. Compiling such data on this site should help by providing a one spot place to go for links and editorially reviewed sites and data.

The prioritizing survey is available until January 17, 2018.

Here is a link to the announcement of the task force on December 21, 2017. There is also a link in the text to the Star Tribune article on the task force.

For all you locals, this is the task force that Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted County Commissioner, was appointed to that was announced in a Post Bulletin article. The task force held their first meeting January 11-12th. There are photos of the event but I am not sure if there has been any print summaries or photos of the actual points of the poster notes from discussions. There is a photo of a white board in the group though:MN housing task force white board 1-12-2018




Minnesota Housing Task Force Survey Closes 1-17-2018

Priorities for the Minnesota Task for are listed on a online survey .

Really good multiple choice check boxes for statement goals but you must fill out the survey by January 17, 2018!

In addition to the text boxes for checkmarks (when clicked), there is a limited free text entry for your explanation of why your choices were the top priority. Naturally, I maxed out the character counts, that is how I knew they are mildly limited.


Take the time to explore the site for more excellent articles and a chance to sign up for an email update of what they discover and maybe more opportunities to participate.


Samantha Bee tonight: Rural Maternity Healthcare Crisis

Maternal deaths have dramatically increased in rural areas in particular. She specifically cites problems when women have to travel, say an hour, to another city for maternity care.

Basically, like all medical care, it should not be a for profit basis. Rural women’s lives are worth saving though (at least I think so).

Please note an important fact: the women die but the babies usually survive. The women die from hemorrhaging, one woman died because she began to have seizures while delivering after waiting (I think) an hour and a half for an ambulance to make the 90 minute drive to the hospital.

Another case noted that the 60 minute drive might, at first, seem not that far (to a man of course, not to a woman about to give birth, which is painful as well as life threatening BTW).

Driving down a mountain road or what they call mountains back east (still steep) with hairpin turns and vertical distances that double the route mileage. That is, the road is like a roller coaster, narrow, on a steep drop off, and enclosed by deep and thick trees. Add night and bad weather and the need for speed and it would seem that someone would recognize that needs a solution.

Rural Minnesota may not have steep hills but we have blizzards, black ice, and really heavy rain that make roads dangerous for short trips.

Do you still think “economic viability” justifies “consolidating” maternity care a 60 minute on a sunny day drive away?

Women’s lives are at worth geographically and timely accessible, available, maternal care.


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